As part of import substitution, Moscow buys Microsoft software for 90 million rubles

As part of import substitution, Moscow buys Microsoft software for 90 million rubles

Today I read on Cnews a funny note — the developers Russian software complained about the purchase of Information Technologies Department of Moscow of Microsoft solutions as much as 90 million rubles. I like to admin this event is interesting not so much the amount of the contract or complaint, how much of its mechanics — how do they do it? We, ordinary people in the regions, the arms twisted — and in Moscow, please — take Microsoft, and it's kind of normal. So I was bother and went to look for the purchase. Found the justification I was so surprised that I call jarosovaite to answer the question — what is so weird?

So, let's drop the lyrics and let's get right to the point. Purchase DIT Moscow is not hard to find on procurement. The purchase is carried out according to 44-FZ, respectively, it is covered by the decision 1236, which imposes a ban on the purchase of foreign software to meet the needs of government agencies. With this document, many familiar, and details to explain its essence, I think not. In fairness I will say that the law provides for the possibility of purchasing foreign FOR in that case, if no Russian analogues. The logic is simple — if you need some supersititions software from the superdifficult equipment, you can buy, because obviously, replace is just nothing. However, in order to be purchased, it must be justified.

And even OSes Microsoft — so there really is what to replace in our country.

Study the documentation

On the procurement website we are interested in the tab "Attachments," which lists all documents in the current edition. Let's download and view. We are interested in the file Justification of the impossibility of__1236.pdf, which for some reason on the procurement website known as explanatory note. The most important part of the document below:

From here we learn that CCU Infogard (a week ago, they famous app for spying on Muscovites) has prepared a separate file — an application with list of requirements and operational characteristics. It's called Appendix to ONSS 1236.xlsx, and lies there in the documents for the purchase.

See unreal size table of the 16 tabs that list the requirements for a particular software. In each tab we see this structure in column A contains requirements, column B and C contain the word "Yes" and all other columns written either "documented" or "No". Now look at the header of this table.

Clear — column B says that is required, column C — shows the consistent Microsoft solution to different criteria. Next is a listing of many Russian programs that do not meet any criteria. Let's look at the Russian software and criteria for comparison more closely.

Well, makers of Microsoft Windows 10 is compared with the set of security analysis "Scanner-sun", a virtualized router EcoRouter, mobile operating system, Aurora, embedded operating system SIM card "OS (U)SIM ITT 3G/LTE", NAVITEL Embedded Linux and other similar projects. Why would you compare them is beyond me. But really, in the list there are real OSes — Viola, AstraLinux, RED OS. It is obvious that the first of these operating systems can compete with Windows 10 — I wonder what they do not please DIT of Moscow?

A careful study of the table shows the criteria that the Russian software among all the "no" and "not documented" there is only one "Yes". This support x64 platform support an operating system is the Alt 8 SP. I'm not talking about everyone else, but excuse me, but how AstraLinux? Other criteria also do not stand up to scrutiny — domestic OSes is not working with JAVA, OpenGL and does not support Plug&Play. How so?

Now let's look briefly at tab Office. See the same picture — none of the criteria have 208 units would be the same as Russian is not suitable, because the criteria "is not documented". MS Office compare with 1C Bitrix, ABBYY Screenshot Reader, VideoMost Server Comindware Business Application Platform and many other pobednik solutions which in my view is not very similar to analogs. It's like that when the need for refrigerators to buy irons because they are both appliances, no matter what it is.

In the list of criteria and all the ideological Gulf. The first selection criterion for office ON the stated requirement for the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No.325. From the table it follows that only Microsoft Office corresponds to it. DIT Moscow, are you kidding or pretending? Open the document and read at least its title — it sets additional requirements to programs from the registry Russian. Microsoft Office — Russian? How long ago it was? And register, right?


Dear habracha. What do you think, is this normal, or profanity? And someone's rolled? The real case, it is possible to apply? I can also buy Microsoft, because if Moscow is possible, and we at the Bank of the Yenisei river ride? What do people think about the regulatory authorities? Let us discuss, please I need your opinion.

Source text: As part of import substitution, Moscow buys Microsoft software for 90 million rubles