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[From the sandbox] Choosing a school when moving to the USA

Many people with children who are planning to move to the United States have heard of the need to carefully select their area of ​​residence. It is especially important to understand which schools belong to the selected address. After the move, the head usually goes around and there is no time to understand the intricacies. It is important to understand and remember the following: websites of real estate agencies and Zillow type aggregators do not provide up-to-date and correct...

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Stop arguing about functional programming and OOP

The post contains some amount of banishment, the Ministry of Health convincingly asks an unprepared reader to refrain from reading. The articles on the topic “FP is better” or “OOP is better” remind debate, what is better for lunch, a fork or spoon. Traditionally, the junas began with a spoon, but someone very reputable once said that he eats only meat and uses a fork, so a new fashion was born - eating with a fork. She eats and porridge, and soups, and even manage to smooth up...

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The worst poisons

Hi,% username% Yes, I know the header is beaten and there are over 9000 links in Google that describe scary poisons and tell horror films. But I don’t want to list the same thing. I do not want to measure doses of LD50 and claim originality. I want to write about those poisons with which you,% username%, have a big risk of being encountered every day. And which are not as simple as their closest brethren. The enemy must be known in person. And I hope - it will be interesting. So - my...

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